Residential Door Hardware

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Residential Door Hardware

Enhance Your Home with High-Quality Door Hardware

Beautiful hardware is essential in the modern home. Home Hardware Plus offers a wide variety of residential door hardware to enhance the look and function of your home. From front door handle sets to locks and hinges, we have everything you would need to DIY your home to the max.  With multiple finishes of each piece of hardware and products proven to last, we offer only the best hardware for your home.


We sell a variety of residential lockset and deadbolts for your home’s door, no matter what type of lock options you need for your project. With knob and lever style door locks to the added protection you will receive from a deadbolt or mortise lock, you’ll feel safe with our products.

Lever Latchset

Our goal is to make sure that you spend less time shopping for project hardware and more time focusing on your project, because we know that is what is important to you. Let us help you find the latchset that best suits the style and finish of your home so you can get back to the things that matter to you most.

Modern Handleset

Handlesets are the first thing noticed when walking up to your front door. With our handlesets made by Omnia, your residential door hardware will always be in style. From simple to ornate styles, you’re sure to welcome our selection.


Home Hardware Plus features both spring hinges and standard hinges to fit your house with. Ever gotten to the door with an armful of groceries and wasn’t able to open it? That will no longer be a problem with our residential door hardware.

Mail Slot Door Accessory

Accessorize your home’s doors to enhance it’s style and functionality. We have products such as latches, door chimes, mail slots, door viewers, chain guards, and so much more. Customize your home to fit your lifestyle with Home Hardware Plus.

Omnia Modern Deadbolt

Our residential deadbolts are the locks of choice when optimum security and stunning design are the objective. An extensive range of knob and lever styles in traditional and contemporary motifs are available. To truly set off an entry in the grand style, while providing unmatched security, only Omnia deadbolst will do.

Front Door Chime

A Little Ding in Your Ring

Door Chimes for Your Front Door

We have the right door chime for you! This residential door accessory is a great addition to add a little pep to your step. With a pleasant tone and easy installation, this front door chime will inform you who is at your door without being annoying.

Explore! You will love it.

Take the time to browse what we have to offer. With a variety of residential door viewers, door chains, knobs, levers, and handlesets, we are sure to have something you will love. Let yourself enjoy this shopping experience while enhancing your home at the same time.

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