Commercial Door Hardware

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Commercial Door Hardware

Perfect for your Business or Heavily Used Entrances

This is the best commercial door hardware to use for your small business or any other type of commercial space. In 2018 we are proud to say that we have been providing high quality hardware for over 25 years. With multiple finishes of each product, a large variety of commercial hardware styles, and products proven to last, we manufacture everything to ensure it is only the best.

Door Closers

Door Closer

Our high quality commercial door closers contain a variety of sizes, spring tension, and durability to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We boast a large selection of sizes and styles, but also have ADA and UL rated door closers for specified commercial applications.

Closer Accessories

Door Closer Accessory

We offer a large assortment of closer accessories to enhance the performance of your door closer. With accessories that effect the function of your closer, enhance the look of your closer, or to give it a more specified action for your more unique doors, we are sure to have the closer accessories you need to help.

Exit Devices

Exit Device

We offer a wide range of exit devices and panic hardware that will increase the security and durability of your commercial doors. Our exit devices are most commonly seen in heavy traffic commercial areas that require commercial certifications, such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, public retail spaces, and any other large scale commercial space you can think of.

Exit Device Accessories

Exit Device Accessories

We have a large variety of exit device accessories including rim cylinders, pull handles, alarm kits, strikes, and lever trims to go with our top-rated exit devices. Boasting many different styles, finishes, and functions to enhance your commercial door, you won’t find more bang for your buck anywhere other than Home Hardware Plus.



Home Hardware Plus provides every type of commercial hinge you could need to secure your door. We offer rounded and straight cornered hinges as well as variations such as spring hinges, barrel spring hinges, continuous hinges, and butt hinges that you can find anywhere you go.



At Home Hardware Plus, we sell a variety of lever sets, handle sets, deadbolts, and residential locks that go with most doors. No matter what type of lock options you need, we can get you your perfect lockset for your home or business door project.

Storefront Hardware

Cylinders Storefront Hardware

We offer specific options to accommodate any storefront door in need of applicable parts, providing multiple styles for offset and intermediate pivots, reinforcement plates for your hinges and metal frames, mortise locks, push paddles, and extra storefront accessories for all the above listed products. Many of our products are made with the intention to keep your doors looking and acting brand new for as long as possible.

DL-LHV door leversets

ADA & ANSI Certified Hardware

We’ve got you covered

Home Hardware Plus offers most of our commercial door hardware in ADA and ANSI certified versions, so that you are able to use our hardware in large commercial construction projects or for your mom and pop shop.

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Take the time to browse what we have to offer. With a variety of commercial door closers, door hinges, commercial door locksets and knobsets, and storefront hardware, we are sure to have something you will love. Let yourself enjoy this shopping experience (you have to shop for it anyways, right?)

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